Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kid Acne in Elle Belgium

Oh, I love this editorial shot by Hicham Riad for Elle Belgium featuring model Robin Holzkem.  The artwork is by graffiti artist Kid Acne.  He's based in the UK, and has done artwork for some other folks including Prada and Levis.  It figures that this would be for Elle Belgium; when Karl and I were there we came to understand that Belgians really do celebrate cartoons and graffiti. 

What a fantastic collection of beasts!

Monday, May 28, 2012

moody monday

Sigh, the end of another weekend.  First bike ride of the season today, but the weather was so unstable, alternating between rain and not-quite-sun hourly, so we kept the ride pretty short.  I can't believe it's the last week of May already, and I'm starting my usual work refrain: I feel like the next two weeks will be the busiest of the season, and then things will relax.  Maybe this time I'm actually right!

All of the pictures I loved this weekend had kind of a moody, dark feel to them.  Seasonally wrong, but still pretty.  Oh, I get to go to a fashion show on Friday!  My friend Carlie Wong is an amazing designer, so I've got high hopes.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Country Charm

This pretty floral cotton skirt is my current favorite.  It's Ralph Lauren, but thrifted of course, and has a sweet little pleating detail near the hem.  It's definitely just a March to August garment, so I'll be making the most of it this summer.

When I was growing up, the little gift store on the island was called Country Charm Boutique, so whenever I hear that phrase I think of the hours I spent admiring shiny stickers and mugs with kittens on them, trying to decide what to spend my allowance on.

Monday, May 21, 2012

'Jugendstil' Adrien Sahores & Thomas Bukovatz by Eric Nehr for Influence No. 10

I'm impressed by the work that has gone into these re-creations of Egon Schiele, brought into the modern day as a considerably more covered-up menswear editorial.  I wonder if the models were painted, or if all of that was done with photoshop afterwords.  See the rest of the images here.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Exhibit B - new cotton bowties!

Whee!  Fresh new cotton bowties, hot off the presses...  For more information about these fabulous locally hand-made bowties, visit our website:  Between work, bowties, and gardening, life is just about busy enough.  A friend of Karl's was over last night, and he actually remarked that the house was looking kind of, um, messy.  Gosh, thanks!  No filter, obviously, but he was right.  It's not dirty, it's just busy: lots of surfaces covered with tie stuff.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Smells of Spring

I know it doesn't look like much yet, but there are little green buds starting in my garden!  Some of my neighbours already have great displays of growth, but I'm always a little bit nervous to put seeds in before I know spring is really here.

Oh, and one way that I know that the warmer weather has arrived: smells.  Specifically, the smells we travel though on the bus ride home.  First, as we pass within a few blocks of the sugar refinery, we get a sweet whiff of burnt, caramel-y sugar.  Then a few minutes later we are downwind of Westcoast Reduction.  It's gross.  I won't get into the details, but it's a few hold-your-breath moments.  And today was the first smelly ride home of the year, so the warm weather has arrived!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Green glow

This time of year the view from our front porch is so soothing.  I know it's not a mountain view or an ocean view, it's just our little front yard, but I love the green glow that filters through the trees.  You can hardly see the sidewalk, and it even feels like the noise of passing cars is muffled.  It's perfect for sitting out with a cup of tea or a glass of something cool and a good book.

The weather has been lovely, and forecast is great for the rest of the week!  I spent most of the day working in the garden; the soil has finally warmed up, so most of my seeds are planted, with the exception of zucchini and cucumber, which I've started inside.  It's great to see everything coming to life!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sweet smells and sunshine

The house is full of one of my favorite scents of the season: lilacs!  I'm so lucky to have two lilac bushes in the back yard.  There's a white one that was here when we bought the house, and a dark purple one that we planted a few years ago that is really starting to be impressive, and sooo fragrant!  This editorial in Plaza Kvinna makes me want to get dressed up and visit a botanical garden.  Maybe if the weather stays great I'll go for a walk at Queen Elizabeth Park and admire the blooms.  I noticed that several of the dresses featured are by Natalia Grsybowski, from that fantastic collection of botanically correct prints.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

When in Russia...

...dress well and look a little crazy.  All the best photos I saw this week were in editorials from Interview Russia and Harpers Bazaar Russia.  Not your usual cheery spring shoots with pastels and florals, they caught my eye nonetheless.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Exhibit B - Spring Fresh

I sewed up a fresh batch of 100% cotton bowties today!  Crisp, clean, preppy and cool.  Check us out at for more information.  These bowties are not pre-tied; part of our philosophy is that being able to tie your own bowties is a great skill for a modern guy to have.  People will be impressed. However, that's not to say that you can't fake ignorance in order to get an attractive woman to tie it for you - see Roger Sterling in this week's episode of Mad Men!