Sunday, October 31, 2010

Family Album




It does tend to rain here

November's knocking on the door and the rainy season is upon us, so it's time for my yearly PSA to the ladies of Vancouver. Uggs are not rain boots, and I don't want to see you all squishing around in water-logged boots, please! With the abundance of cute, cheap rain boots, there's really no excuse. A pair of fleecy socks, rain boots, out the door - warm, dry feet all day. Doesn't that sound better than cold, wet feet and ruined suede? I know it certainly looks better. So do us all a favor, OK? Thanks.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

National Velvet

Yes, these dark blue velvet pants are big, but I think I like them like that. I got lots of compliments on them today, so I'm not going to mess with them. It seemed appropriate to break out the velvet on the first day I saw snow on the local mountains.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Of Note?

I'm a week late in posting this. For one thing I've been a bit of a lazy blogger, but I wasn't sure if it was really newsworthy. Well, it was in a newspaper, so I guess it was. I'm just not big on blowing my own horn, and it's not a big deal, but I was one of the "up-and-coming designers" featured in the Vancouver Sun last week. I wish that they had posted the photo of me with the online article that they ran in the paper, because it was actually a really nice photo taken by a totally talented photographer named David Lang.

So here's the story - I'm kinda half-way down. And Manuel was fairly heavily medicated when he gave them a quote:

This article got me thinking about how funny it is that fashion designer is interesting to people in a way that other professions aren't. When you think about celebrities, obviously you think entertainers - singer, athletes, actors etc. And who else gets profiled in the paper? Politicians, artists, chefs... it's kind of strange to me that designers have slipped in under that fine line of who we care about. You never see a profile of up-and-coming dentists or accountants or bus drivers. Aren't all of those, objectively, more crucial to most peoples daily life? Anyone got any theories?

Friday, October 22, 2010





Monday, October 18, 2010


Sometimes it's fun to channel my inner Joan Halloway. Dressing like a sassy lady, you know? And lately I'm all about blouses. I feel like every outfit gets built around the blouse of choice. By the way, have we all noticed how early it's getting dark? Maybe because the days have been nice and bright, it's such a dramatic contrast when the sun goes down around dinner time.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pony up

The last time I was on a horse was probably close to two decades ago. But that didn't stop me from buying these riding pants at Value Village when we were in Portland. They're real riding pants too, really well made, by a brand called Kerrits. The blouse is a new local thrift, and I stared at it long and hard in the change room before deciding to get it: it was the sleeves - they needed to be rolled up to diminish the wait-staff factor.

I can't believe this wonderful weather! Clear and crisp and sunny. It's so unlike Vancouver! There's definitely a serious chill in the air though, and I can feel Halloween coming. People ask me every year what I'm dressing up as, imagining that I make super elaborate costumes. They say, "Oh, if I could sew...". But I'm such a slacker. There have been a few good years, but I'm just not that into it. My reasoning is that I dress up a little all year around. I take the spirit of Halloween and divide it by say, a hundred days of mini-costumes. Yesterday was equestrian day, today was Miss Secretary day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kristen McMenamy

I love a good model comeback.
Who should be next?
I see Shalom Harlow once and a while;
she looks amazing.
I bet Helena Chirstensen's still got the goods...

Monday, October 11, 2010


Lovely long weekend. It's so rare that Karl and I have three days off together and don't go out of town. We didn't even have any plans. It was decadent! The forecast called for a stormy wet weekend, but it wasn't bad and Sunday was glorious. Sunny and bright and crisp; an idyllic fall day for walking the dog, kicking leaves and watching kids play football in the park. I had to leave my cynicism at home and just soak up all the vitamin D and be happy.

We didn't do a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It was just Karl, my bro and his wife, and me, and we didn't want to spend all day cooking. Karl made duck breast, I cooked our one and only harvest of broccoli, and my brother made roasted potatoes. His wife had to work, so she just rushed over on her dinner break to join us. I made pumpkin pie, which I thought was awesome. I think it was my first time making one, all from scratch of course. I love pumpkin. It's one of those wonderful flavors that just can't be faked. I was given a sample of pumpkin latte at a coffee shop last week and it was VILE. I had to spit it out. So sweet and chemical-y. But the real thing is so subtle and luscious. I think we'll make ice cream with the leftover puree!

Friday, October 8, 2010

October Colours

OK, I think I need a haircut! What is my hair doing behind my ear? Help!

Hazel was helping me take picture - I was talking to her in that first photo, not trying to look bitchy. Time to pull out the tights collection as the weather gets cooler. I'm hoping for a few more dry days before the deluge begins.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rebecca Taylor Spring 2011

I thought this was a really great collection. Some designers do a wonderful job of presenting a vision of what we'll want to be wearing. It's not so much about high-concept design or pushing an agenda of crazy new ideas, and there's totally a place for that. This collection looks fresh, pretty and arty, and I think I have to stop looking at those jeans or they will be haunting my dreams. Still pushing for the high waist...

Sunday, October 3, 2010


You will either find this picture totally cute or disgusting. Hazel is staying with us for five weeks while my parents are away, and there is no where she would rather be than lying on Karl's lap, no matter how uncomfortable it looks to us. What a smoosh-face!

A couple of these big, juicy spiders have been making nightly webs on the back porch, right where I took some of my outfit shots last post. Half the time they make the webs right across the stairs, so we have to dismantle all that hard work in the morning. I really don't mind spiders - I'm usually the designated spider-remover.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Take Flight

I thank my lucky stars that these jeans survived so many years of purges. I don't know why I kept them; I outgrew them, they were too trouser-y when boyfriend jeans were in, too wide when life was all skinnies. But now they feel perfect. Maybe they'll last through another few fashion cycles.

Getting this blouse was a bit of an ordeal, but I love it so much it was worth it. It's beiger than it looks here, and the only one in my size in the store was on a mannequin and I was informed that it couldn't be removed, so I had to wait a month for it. I thought I might get bitter and bored of it, but when they called me to come get it, my feelings were undiminished.

The turquoise-green cameo earrings really deserved a close-up shot, but I was really hungry and dinner was waiting. So lame. I got them when we were in Portland - they are by a company called Plume. They were my only real purchase, besides a pair of pants at Value Village.