Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pony up

The last time I was on a horse was probably close to two decades ago. But that didn't stop me from buying these riding pants at Value Village when we were in Portland. They're real riding pants too, really well made, by a brand called Kerrits. The blouse is a new local thrift, and I stared at it long and hard in the change room before deciding to get it: it was the sleeves - they needed to be rolled up to diminish the wait-staff factor.

I can't believe this wonderful weather! Clear and crisp and sunny. It's so unlike Vancouver! There's definitely a serious chill in the air though, and I can feel Halloween coming. People ask me every year what I'm dressing up as, imagining that I make super elaborate costumes. They say, "Oh, if I could sew...". But I'm such a slacker. There have been a few good years, but I'm just not that into it. My reasoning is that I dress up a little all year around. I take the spirit of Halloween and divide it by say, a hundred days of mini-costumes. Yesterday was equestrian day, today was Miss Secretary day.

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