Monday, October 11, 2010


Lovely long weekend. It's so rare that Karl and I have three days off together and don't go out of town. We didn't even have any plans. It was decadent! The forecast called for a stormy wet weekend, but it wasn't bad and Sunday was glorious. Sunny and bright and crisp; an idyllic fall day for walking the dog, kicking leaves and watching kids play football in the park. I had to leave my cynicism at home and just soak up all the vitamin D and be happy.

We didn't do a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It was just Karl, my bro and his wife, and me, and we didn't want to spend all day cooking. Karl made duck breast, I cooked our one and only harvest of broccoli, and my brother made roasted potatoes. His wife had to work, so she just rushed over on her dinner break to join us. I made pumpkin pie, which I thought was awesome. I think it was my first time making one, all from scratch of course. I love pumpkin. It's one of those wonderful flavors that just can't be faked. I was given a sample of pumpkin latte at a coffee shop last week and it was VILE. I had to spit it out. So sweet and chemical-y. But the real thing is so subtle and luscious. I think we'll make ice cream with the leftover puree!

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