Saturday, October 2, 2010

Take Flight

I thank my lucky stars that these jeans survived so many years of purges. I don't know why I kept them; I outgrew them, they were too trouser-y when boyfriend jeans were in, too wide when life was all skinnies. But now they feel perfect. Maybe they'll last through another few fashion cycles.

Getting this blouse was a bit of an ordeal, but I love it so much it was worth it. It's beiger than it looks here, and the only one in my size in the store was on a mannequin and I was informed that it couldn't be removed, so I had to wait a month for it. I thought I might get bitter and bored of it, but when they called me to come get it, my feelings were undiminished.

The turquoise-green cameo earrings really deserved a close-up shot, but I was really hungry and dinner was waiting. So lame. I got them when we were in Portland - they are by a company called Plume. They were my only real purchase, besides a pair of pants at Value Village.

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