Saturday, October 15, 2011


Last night, as I was waiting at the salon, I came across this spread in V Magazine and I was so excited that I almost ripped it out.  Then I remembered that the internet would probably make that unnecessary...  Don't those girls look amazing?  I've got my hair freshly cropped, I have pointy black shoes and some funky pants, and while I don't do turtlenecks, I am going to practice my eyeliner skills.  Well, it's something to aspire to...

Houndstooth would go well with this look, too.  It's a pattern that's been showing up more than usual this fall, and I like it.  I have a houndstooth skirt that I love, and through some semi-sneaky maneuvering I have a houndstooth shift dress to wear a couple of times.  I came across these shoes below somewhere, and they made me think that if I came across something similar at the thrift store, I probably wouldn't say no.  In grade seven I had a pair of houndstooth leggings; they were awesome. See, it's all cyclical.

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