Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today was a horrendous westcoast winter day.  Cold, windy, and pouring rain: really typical.  Maybe that's why I liked this first picture of long bare legs and short shorts.  It's the sign of a good editorial when I find myself wanting impossible things.  Things I know will not work on me, like these shorts:

Like "a relaxed all-in-one".  I can only imagine what this garments would do to a non-model body.  But I like the jacket and the shoes and heck, I like the way it all looks in this picture and I like imagining the weather on a day when one might be inclined to wear it.

This clutch is awesome.  I'm thinking: can I somehow wrap an old thrift-store clutch with an old thrift-store rug?  Oh, it sounds bad when I put it like that.
all pictures from InStyle UK

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