Sunday, April 29, 2012

Exhibit B Bowties

Exhibit B Bowties are open for business.  Visit our website,, for information on retailers.  OK, we don't have the information there yet, but visit anyway!!  They are handmade in Vancouver from reclaimed vintage neckties, as well as 100% cotton and 100% silk, and they are gorgeous!  As in, you might want to buy one, but then when you start trying to pick, they are all just so amazing that you try to narrow it down, but each one seems to be calling your name, so you end up with more than you bargained for.  At least that's what happened when we let our models and photographers pick out a tie as a thank-you for their awesome work.

And yes, below is their awesome work.  The guys from did such a phenomenal job.  I love watching them work - so fast and intuitive, I wonder if they share some ESP-like connection.  And our models Thomas and Randy were perfect; they didn't even need a change room.  Now that's skill!

I'll keep you posted on retailers and bowtie-related goings-on.  Busy times ahead in the world of increasing the dapperness of Vancouver's menfolk!

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