Wednesday, August 15, 2012

gold leaf

I felt like I needed to do a little shopping, but I didn't want to buy anything summery, and I don't know yet what I'll be looking for as far as fall clothes, so I decided to finally use my Jeweliette gift certificate.  I bought these beautiful ginkgo leaf earrings by local designer Irit Sorokin.  They are super light and simple, and I really don't have many dangle-y earrings.  Solved my seasonal shopping dilemma by getting something seasonless!

It's really summer-hot now.  I'm loving it and trying to absorb as much as I can because it sure won't last for too long.  It's also important to make a conscious effort to wear all my summer clothes.  Just like the velvet and sequins getting a six-week window at the holidays, I have to make the hot weather count to justify the shorts and little summer dresses the fill my closet.

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