Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pastel Perfection

After seeing this photo last week on one of my favorite blogs, Long Hair and Modestly, I've looked at it everyday, just for the sheer wondrous joy of it!  Thanks lovely ladies, whoever you are: you made my week!  I love those big stripey hats and the ombre tie-dye scarves.  I want to know the story behind the picture... was it a birthday party on the water?  Did they buy the outfits all together?  What about the co-ordinated make-up - was this for a photo shoot?  Answer me, internet!

OK, I did my own homework.  It was worth it.  The outfits are by an Indonesian design company, Dian Pelangi, which specializes in Muslim fashion, using traditional techniques including batik, tie-dye and beadwork.  Their website is worth a look - lots of beautiful things in a context that is pretty foreign to me.

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