Thursday, March 7, 2013

House Plants

The sunny weather this weekend got my green thumb itching, so I spent a few hours outside cleaning up the winter debris, but it's still a little early for much more than that, which forced me to turn my attention indoors. I'm pretty bad at house plants.  Outside, I can get good results.  Inside, not so much.  I'm neglectful, lazy, and uninformed.  I've been slowly killing a jade plant for about seven years, I have something else that is mostly brown leaves, I water rarely and almost never fertilize. 

But I can do better!  I will do better!  Karl bought me a beautiful pink cyclamen for Valentines, and I got a pretty pot for it, and I did a little shopping on Sunday - nothing I love to buy more than dirt!  I even got a little shelf to try to get my new friends as much sunlight as possible.  So far, so good.  Nothing has died yet.  I'll post some pictures when there's enough light to take a couple of shots.  Below are my inspiration plants - my motivation to take care of my new additions!

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