Monday, June 10, 2013

Our boy LeRoi

We love this little monster!  He's doing a great job getting adjusted and only has minor little tantrums, mostly when he's being ignored.  He has so much energy but he's a big suck when he's sleepy and wants to snuggle and watch Mad Men with us.

I've decided that having a dog makes you a better person, not in some benevolent, higher plane woo-woo way, but in very specific and concrete ways.  More walks - constant walks - , keeping the house cleaner so he doesn't find stuff to chew, eating at the dining table like civilized adults because eating on the couch is too much temptation for him.  Doing the dishes promptly so there isn't food smell lingering.  Talking to neighbours, introducing yourself to fellow dog-owners and being very conscientious of good etiquette.  Basically losing some of my lazy habits!

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