Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ignored my instincts and bought some pleated, tapered pants from Zara. I thought they would look bad, but I really like them. They are comfy and my theory is that as long as I wear a fitting top so my waist is kind of visible, they aren't too unflattering. And lately I've been thinking that this whole "figure flattering" thing shouldn't be the holy gospel when it comes to picking clothes. I mean, if we all followed all the rules on What Not To Wear, there would be way too many women in black, straight leg trousers with a v-neck top that gathers under the bust. Snore. I'd rather sacrifice a little flattery for a little cool or different now and then. So what if people aren't fooled into thinking I'm a size zero: I like the pleats.

So much in fact that I also bought a pair at the thrift store, in electric blue no less. Honestly though, these don't fit as well and I may pass them on to a certain slim friend who has expressed some interest in this silhouette. Only if she wears them though.

A rather regal earring - 99 cents, and it's really glass, not plastic. Real genuine glass, folks! By the way, that's not dirt in my ear, it's freckles. I had to check.


  1. So I have to admit, I started reading this and I thought, "oh, I wont like clothes that aren't figure flattering". But when I got to your pictures I was like, oooooo cuuuuuute! I really like them and I DO think they're flattering! I especially like the blue ones so I could try to be the slim friend you're talking about, although I know I'm not! haha. Those little pleats are ever so pleasing! And good score on the earrings! xo

  2. black ones look great! blue ones, too -- although i'll try them on if you want.