Monday, September 14, 2009

Lucky Feet

Maybe you've seen that show on A&E, Hoarders. It's freaky and reminds me to keep myself in check. I went through all my tights tonight and tried them all on and threw out any that didn't fit or had holes or were ugly. I narrowed it down to 26 pairs - reasonable, right? And rolled them all up so I can actually see them. I need a better system for the long term, because I know they will all be unrolled and messy in no time. Any suggestions for organizing tights?

I got two great pairs of socks today at the thrift store. I've been looking for ones like the above for a long time, sheer with hearts. They are really old though, and the elastic at the top is pretty shot. I like how they look with heels though. And the ones below are Betsey Johnson. They were still folded up in the original package when I bought them, so I didn't really know how they were going to work, but they are so cute! I don't really know what I'll wear them with, but for a dollar it was a good investment.

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