Thursday, February 3, 2011

Look what I got!

I feel like I'm finally on my way to being legitimate fashion blogger - check out this scarf! I was lacking the excellent hand-made scarf, but here it is. My friend Marissa made it for me and it is so soft, and the perfect length, and the mustard yellow is divine. She knows me so well. It's helping me make peace with the gloomy weather.

It's been a lame week, other than the scarf. I've just been feeling blah and a little cranky, but I feel like that mood is starting to lift this evening. Karl made amazing chicken soup (hmm, chicken soup for my cranky soul?), and I'm looking forward to getting lots of sleep. I do have one lingering conundrum: I think my vitamins are making me puke. This happens with every brand of multi-vitamin I've tried except one. And I just bought a new bottle of them and I puked. Apparently I could be allergic to one of the zillions of things in the vitamin or the coating or the binder or, or... but I thought I had a brand that was OK. I hope it was just a random occurrence the other day, and I feel like I have to try again to be sure, but I'm really not looking forward to puking and having to go back to the pharmacy to ask for my money back. Anyway.

Love my scarf!!


  1. I've been really cranky too!! I don't know why! I always puke unless I take my multi-vitamin immidiately after eating a substantial meal. If my stomach is anything but full I will barf. Do you take it on a full stomach? Also, zinc always makes me barf, even if I've just eaten. But, the scarf is divine and perfectly you.