Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Shades

It's high time to implement some austerity measures on the home front. In my case that means no buying any new clothes, shoes, accessories. Thrifting is allowed, or I can sew it myself. I don't need anything! Of course, a little retail therapy is warranted after a hard week at work, so I found a loophole: makeup. I can't very well buy makeup at the thrift store, can I? Or make it? No. I'm going to work on getting in the habit of wearing lipstick more often. I like how it looks, and I just have to get over the mental block of thinking that it's somehow hard work, or high-maintenance. Yes, I have to bring it to work for touch ups, but that's not beyond my ability, surely.

The key is the right lipstick. Matte-y matte matte. I don't like shimmer or shine. And it's hard to find much selection in matte. I have a couple of good MAC shades, one from Joe Fresh, and I just bought a Sephora brand in kind of a bricky-berry, kind of like the bottom picture. We shall see... Last spring I hunted for a matte coral that I liked, but couldn't find one. It may just be that it's not a shade that suits me. The swatches in the middle pic below are Revlon: I might try the orange one.

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