Saturday, April 2, 2011


Sunshine and salt water, flowy white dresses; aren't those the things that dreams of summer are made of? Not that my summers look anything like that, but it's a nice fantasy. I'm lucky if I make it to the beach once a year. Though I am trying to balance my sun-burn-phobia with my need for vitamin D. Last year I did not get one sunburn, and I made a point of laying in the sun whenever I could, ten minutes front, ten minutes back. I have to be disciplined about it, because just a few minutes too many and I'm glowing red, or on the other hand I just avoid the sun altogether.

The forecast here is for a long, cool spring, which is irritating because I'm starting to itch for some gardening, but last year I put a bunch of seeds in too early and they didn't germinate. Maybe if it's nice tomorrow I can just do some tidying - it's never too early to start weeding.

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