Monday, October 15, 2012

1970's Lingerie

Retro-undie time!  In the last couple of years I have just decided that I'm over new-school bras with the underwires and padding and formed-foam cups.  I would come home from work and the first thing I did was take off my bra!  It felt like everything rubbed and dug in and the shape looked fake.  I guess that the totally round shape is supposed to look like the shape of a fake boob, not a real one.  

So I started buying bras from the thrift store.  Ones that are in good shape, not ratty or anything, but old-school cotton bras and thin lace bras and ones that are kind of a sports-bra-hybrid.  I've bought some amazing ones, and now I'm scared that my favorite-ever bra from Value Village will wear out and I'll never be able to find another one!  Though recently a friend gave me a new lace bra from Aritzia for my birthday and it's lovely and along the lines of the less structured bras, so maybe that will come back into style.

It's kind of a 1970's shape that I like.  I think that the silhouette looks good and the bras are pretty and they are so much more comfortable than the pokey ones I used to wear.  I'll just keep scouring the thrift stores until what I like comes back into style.  Actually, seeing as the ones at the thrift store cost around three dollars, never mind!

This does make me think that I'll pick up an old lingerie pattern next time I see one at the thrift store!  I wonder if I could make something comfortable...  Maybe when my favorite one falls apart I'll try to make a pattern from it.

 I just had to include this photo!  How cool are these girls, hanging out at the Daytona 500 in their swimsuits?
And carrying their leather clutches?!?!

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