Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Purple and Turquoise

Oh, I'm a bad blogger.  I know, it's been a week, but what can I say?  I had a birthday, had a party, had a reunion, got a new car, made a dozen bow ties...  and just kept on not being excited about the internet.  I'm sure the mood will pass, and until it does:  new ring and nail polish.  Karl gave me the ring for my birthday - it's from the 1920's, New Mexico turquoise.  And a friend gave me the nail polish because she knew I wanted a cool shade of purple.  This is cool.  It's OPI Ink Suede.  The Suede-ness means that it's kind of matte and metallic, and also that it doesn't last too long, but it looks great while it does!

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