Thursday, May 9, 2013

spots and stripes

We've had a whole week of sunshine and heat and it's so fantastic!  The summer clothes come out, the garden starts to pick up steam - the only thing driving me nuts is the crows making a racket at five in the morning.  I got these red and white striped pants and these heels at the thrift store last week.  I love the detail on the heel of the shoes, and I made it through most of the day at work in them, so they aren't too uncomfortable!  The rain is supposed to be back this weekend, so I've been making the most of the sun all week - shorts every day.

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  1. Hi,
    I like your blog, great blog name, not toooo chatty but enough to learn to know your thinking, the part that goes along with all the fabulous photos. Why no iPhone for pictures? Is a 'principle' thing or did you lose yours? I'm curious why I found your blog on a page about Old Colony Mennonites in Mexico. Any ideas on that? I like what you said about your dog, how having him has made you more a better person;”more walks - constant walks - , keeping the house cleaner so he doesn't find stuff to chew, eating at the dining table like civilized adults because eating on the couch is too much temptation for him.  Doing the dishes promptly so there isn't food smell lingering.  Talking to neighbours, introducing yourself to fellow dog-owners and being very conscientious of good etiquette.” I'm going to share this with a few dog owners I know. It may give them a different perspective; different than the dog owning the house and it's occupants. You don't have to take the time to answer this. I mainly wanted you to know I enjoyed your blog.


    Jane e