Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mister Mort

By my advanced age, having a new thought is an exciting thing.  My latest internet obsession sparked a new thought the other day: I've been browsing hundreds of images on a menswear street-style blog called Mister Mort, and I was so excited by the stuff I was seeing that I was actually jealous of guys' style options!  That's a first!

The blog celebrates real style, not just off duty models and gorgeous hipsters in designer gear.  He's got an eye for great vintage and Americana work-wear, and he often shoots tradesmen, old dudes, and the homeless-esque: anyone can have cool gear.  Looking at all these pictures inspired me to force Karl to try on a bunch of stuff at the thrift store; some of it he liked, but very little of it fit.  Usual story: too small, too short for him.  But he was a good sport.

There is always a focus on shoes, which has made me pretty critical of the footwear situation on men here in Vancouver.  It was something that my boss always complained about, and I didn't really understand.  Now I do.  Yuck, all of these dumpy, boring cheap black "dress shoes"; looks like they were purchased as a last resort.  Men should have a little more fun, celebrate getting dressed!

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