Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring: Meadow Sweet

The long, unplanned hiatus was due to some glitch with the blog, not my lack of inspiration.  It's actually a pretty beautiful season, and everything is starting to look good to me.  Flowers, dresses, cute shoes; finally the winter is behind us.  Okay, it kind of snowed a few days ago, but it was quickly forgotten.  

I love this editorial from Harper's Bazaar UK, featuring Sophie Hirschfelder.  It was done as part of a collaborations with the V&A Museum, but I haven't been able to find details anywhere about the sources of the illustrations.

In other news, I had a fantastic long Easter weekend with my parents, though it seems long ago, the garden has it's first few seeds, I went bowling, hung out with babies, got a massage, bought a few things at the thrift store, great some great books, and have generally been getting excited about the return of the sun!

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