Thursday, March 26, 2009

A couple of recent outfits... and forsythia.

I'm trying to focus on SPRING.  So I "borrowed" these blossoms from a neighbor.  Karl gave me the vase for Christmas.  It's old, and from Czechoslovakia, when it was still called that.
I wore this on Sunday when we went for breakfast.  I ate eggs benny.  The jogger behind me probably didn't.

Wore this to work today, except with more sensible shoes.  The purples are much deeper in real life.

My favorite bracelet.  That's a Peruvian opal apparently.  I got the cuff from Jeweliette.

The story of these shoes:  I got them at Value Village for five dollars, but the black leather was white.  Karl said they looked like "prostitute shoes", and made a face when I said I was getting them.  But I dyed the leather black and now I love them.  They're Nine West, and even kind of comfortable.


  1. This post gave me a surge of happiness. I just wrote about spring and my makeup choices! I love the cuff and the cute shoes you got that Karl said were prostitute shoes and I love that you are clever enough to dye them. I think about doing things like that but I never actually DO.

  2. love that outfit, and the cuff especially. i also enjoy the shape of that vase.

  3. ps: "ah" is me, krista, not you, of course. it's the user name for my not-yet-public blog.

  4. These shoes are from Value Village? Wow! I love them, so glam-rock