Friday, March 27, 2009

Seeing Red?

Vogue declares that red hair is "in" this season, which is convenient for me I guess.  But I don't like to think that it's been "out" since, hmmm, when Karen Elson first appeared on the scene.  You see, follicular-fashion-following ladies with other hair colours can dye according to the trends, but for us natural red heads, nothing else really looks suitable.  If I went darker, would I have to also dye my eyebrows, eyelashes, body hair?  Ick.  And didn't Anne of Green Gables try to dye her hair blonde only to end up with green hair?  No thanks.  I'll just revel in being in style this spring, then sit back and wait another decade for the "it" model to go red.  Thanks Coco.

Coco Rocha Red

Actually, I totally love my hair colour.  It's distinctive enough that people (hairdressers, total strangers) comment on it and ask if it's natural.  Plus I feel like it allows me to slack off hair-style wise.  I hope that if the colour is good, observers won't notice that I haven't had it cut in six months.  Really, six months.  That's shameful.  

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  1. Well lucky us i guess!! I never really feel 'in fashion' especially about my sorta strawberrry, sorta ginger hair. I think Anne and I have the same complex, although for years i was a bottle blonde and she was trying to get raven black tresses! Hence the green... Oh Carrots! This is kinda off topic kinda sorta, but remember how Diane's nickname was Crow head!! hahaha