Friday, April 16, 2010

Liberty Print

Is it just me or is there a little Winnie Cooper vibe here today? A Peter Pan collar, high-waisted shorts and platform sandals... Wonder Years superfox? Maybe it's a stretch.

I bought these shorts last weekend, and now I'm faced with my annual dilemma - coming to terms with the paleness. OK, I'm wearing pale lavender tights today, but it takes me a while to decide if the legs ever go out in public bare. Cuz there's no sense pretending that I'm going to "get a little colour". I guess the first step is shaving my legs. The last time was... well, I might have done it once in September. Maybe.

This blouse migrated to the back of the closet, but I love the print. I snagged this Liberty print fabric at work and waited years to make something with it because there was so little of it. The blouse is just a titch on the short side, but pairing it with these shorts makes me realize that it's perfect for tucking in to something with a higher waist.


  1. YO. It's Carlie Wong. RSVP to my show or else. Hope you see this asap. I can't find your email. Figured you can help do it for everyone!! rsvp to It's on Thursday at 7!

  2. totally WC, those don't know if she ever wore awesome wedges like yours!