Friday, April 23, 2010

Start the car!

Last night Mary and I had plans to go to Carlie's fashion show, but when we got there it was over capacity and had a line up down the block, so we decided our time would be better spent having a relaxing drink with friends. Carlie's latest collection is rad, so it would have been neat to see the show, but we had a really good time with plan B.

These were my two outfit options. On Karl's advice, I went with the above, with the black and silver shoes from below. The sequined pants above were from Value Village, and they are a size 48 or something huge, and the label says "made for Princess Cruises". I can just imagine a large tipsy senior making an impulse buy in the on-board gift shop and then shipping them off to the thrift store as soon as she got home. I took out the zipper and just put in fastenings to wrap the waist to fit. And tapered the ankles.

I will find a great way to wear this skirt sometime. It's Dolce and Gabbana unlined lace, looks unworn, and was $6.99 at VV! I had one of those moments from the Ikea commercial where the woman runs out yelling "Start the car! Start the car!" Yay - love that feeling!

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