Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What do I wear...

with over-the-knee socks? I bought a pair - not these ones; mine are lighter grey and more opaque - yesterday, as consolation after having to work on my day off. Just spend that extra money, right? Now I'm a little puzzled about how to wear them. There are certain rules: avoid making them look like thigh-highs by not pairing them with anything tight, inner-as-outerwear, or tunic-y. Shoe-wise, nothing spiky, nothing totally flat, maybe clogs? Also, what about wearing them over leggings? You know, to reduce actual skin showing.

I need advice. Any ideas?

What to wear with over-the-knee socks

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  1. hmm, I have a pair and I only have one thing I can wear them with, my knee length tight jean skirt with a slit up the front leg. So they look like tights unless I'm walking or sitting down and then there's a little peekaboo of skin. I think it works but can't wait to see what you come up with!!