Sunday, July 25, 2010

another summer day

These shoes are so clunky and pretty much impossible to walk gracefully in, but they are surprisingly comfortable for cheap-ass Le Chateau circa 1996. I added the turquoise tie.

Sometimes I feel kind of awkward at work when a client complements me on something that I got at a thrift store. Like with this outfit yesterday, this client was going off about how much she loved my shoes, how they "made the outfit", and I couldn't tell her they were from Value Village. She's totally chic and stylish and obviously spends good money on high-quality clothes, and I almost felt like I would be making fun of her or something if I told her. Like, ha-ha, you would have paid hundreds of buck for someones cast-offs. Last week a different client was saying how cute I looked and asked where I buy all my great clothes, or do I make them all. I had to admit that they were mostly thrifted and she's was incredulous, and I got a hint of an idea that she thought it was a little dirty... Not me, just the concept of second hand clothes. Maybe I feel like a traitor to my industry: shouldn't I be buying into all the buying? Hey, I would if I could afford it. That's the paradox of the fashion industry - most people can't afford the stuff they make!

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  1. oh snobs, they'll never understand vintage
    love what you did with these shoes-i was thinking they would also look awesome with a giant, floppy sheer black bow