Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My friends and I were talking the other night about the transition from summer to fall. They were all being very optimistic about it - plaid skirts, kicking dry leaves in the crisp sunlight, crunchy apples - something like that. I tried to get into it, but my heart just wasn't in it. I wanted more summer, more heat, a day at the beach, bare legs for another month, and long evenings. I think I always feel like this, maybe because I'm so busy at work I never really slack off in the summer and get into that lazy vibe. And to be quite honest, the beach is a little stressful, what with all the sunscreen re-application and diligent hydration, though one day would have been satisfying. Side note: I did make it through the whole summer, so far, with out a sunburn, which I think is a first. But can summer really be over in that case? I don't know.

Then yesterday was 50% off day at Value Village, so I had to make my fall shopping list, which got me a tiny bit excited. I had a very successful day, and feeling sartorially prepared made me a tiny bit more excited. Then today it rained buckets, cold November rain, at it hit me like a ton of bricks: no kicking piles of leaves, more like slogging through puddles, fogged-up buses, rain blowing sideways and wet socks inside wet shoes. Reality.

I always start out a new season shooting in all directions, fashion-wise. I want to stick my greedy fingers into every trend flavor, and it takes me most of the season to figure out what really works best for me, but at least I don't get bored. I've always got lots of fun pieces to play with, it's the basic pants that I need to work out. I think all that's still on my list is a pair of khaki or olive narrow-ish pants. I'll try to keep it to that. Which reminds me, I need to do a major closet raid. Everything out, less back in. If we don't have a baby soon our spare room is starting to look better and better as a walk-in closet...

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