Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall Cleaning!

Perhaps fuelled by a rare afternoon coffee, I did a whirlwind closet cleaning last night. It was long overdue and felt very therapeutic. For months now I've been shoveling through my drawers and making a mess of my closet and it feels so good to have gone through everything, tried things on, and done some serious sorting and organizing. Fall cleaning is just as important as spring cleaning; I always think of September as a sort of New Years anyway. Now my drawers have some breathing room, my closet is controlled chaos, and I have two boxes of clothes to hide away at the back of the closet until I can really commit to getting rid of them. I'm a little sentimental and a little thrifty, so it's hard on several levels to say goodbye to "perfectly good" clothes.

One of the most satisfying things I did was the "hand-wash, iron, mend or alter" sort. It feels so good to know that all my clothes are ready for action. I hate pulling out a blouse to wear only to notice a mark or an odor or the fact that it's obviously been crunched at the bottom of a pile. I took a bag of things into work today, and with a few quick stitches I extended the life of some good basics and restyled a couple of questionable thrift store finds. Yay! Now I feel worthy of all my great clothes. I think it was sunk into my head in childhood that if I wanted all these clothes I had to take care of them. I try, but sometimes I get a little bit behind!

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