Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet Spring

I set up this scheduled fashion show post, because I'm not home - had to go to a real fashion show. For someone who works in the fashion industry I have disappointingly little patience for most fashion shows in Vancouver. I won't go into my complaints, but I'm bucking up and going to the VCC grad show. If I can see and it starts relatively on time we're well on our way to success.

Anywhooo, I'm such a freaking girl. Give me flowers and lace and pretty dresses and I'll be your friend. Erdem, I'll be your friend. It may not be groundbreaking (is anything really?) but it's so wearable and I think there's always a place for fresh femininity.

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoy that red lace dress-the cut makes a normally scandalous fabric so demure. Great contrast.
    I was at the VCC grad show tonight too! Weren't there so many awesome things?