Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Looking Forward

It was my birthday this weekend and I think it was the most low-key one in thirty-one years. It's just kind of a blah number, and I kept thinking about the celebration options and didn't really latch on to anything. Nothing sounded better than tea and sweets with my girls, and I'm glad that's the route I went. No hangover, no sore feet, no empty wallet. It all sounds too sensible in hindsight, but I love just hanging out with my friends and maybe next year with inspire a party.

I also had some time this weekend to sift through some of the spring collections and pick a few favorite from my photo files. Was it just me or was there a lot of boring stuff on runways? Oh, I guess it's called minimalism, but it doesn't do it for me. I guess in the 90's I respected the Jil Sander/Helmut Lang vibe because it was refreshing and clean and some lines were really exceptionally well made and tailored. Now it looks a little flat and at times lazy, but I'm always more interested in colour, prints, volume, details, femininity etc., so that's just me.
Anyway, pretty pretty Etro. I love the colour combinations and the cut of the pants and the kinda late 70's sophisticated ethnicity and softness.

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