Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Haunted by Hutterites

I still can't get over all these fascinating pictures of Hutterites.  I wish I could find some explanation of their clothing and head coverings.  I've read on a few websites about the three different divisions of Hutterites, and that they each have a different variation of their dress, and I've found descriptions of polka-dotted headscarves and printed aprons and dresses, but I want more information, most importantly, WHY?  What is the significance of the polka dots, and notice that most of the aprons are plaid, most of the dresses are floral, and what about the angled, defined armhole seams?  The boys too - are the black caps influenced by their Central European origins?  These photos represent the 1960's to present, and at least three or four different colonies in North America, so the similarities are obviously not the result of chance or an isolated preference.  I wish someone could explain it to me, or maybe I can find a book that details the origins of all of the variations of  dress of the various Anabaptist faith.  Ohh, Christmas is coming, hint hint!

all photos from Long Hair and Modesty

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