Tuesday, March 6, 2012

November Rain

It was just another thrilling Saturday night this weekend, flipping through the channels, when I came across something on Much Music - I think it was the Top 100 videos of the 1990's.  I was about to change the channel when I noticed that Guns 'n' Roses November Rain was starting and I realized that I probably haven't watched the entire video since a junior high dance.  It's pretty awesome, of course, and when it came to the wedding scene I was struck by the thought "I can't believe I haven't had a customer ask me for this dress!"  I've done similar dresses, but nothing literally based on this picture, and it seems pretty chic and current in a way.

Today I had a consultation with a girl I've made three dresses for in the last year.  She's getting married this summer and she bought her dress in LA (Elie Saab), and we are making dresses for her sister and bridesmaids, and she wanted to talk about a dress for her engagement photo shoot.  And what does she pull out of her folder?  THIS DRESS!  This actual screen cap.  I just started laughing.  It was so perfect.  OK, she wants it in red, and with no sleeves (good call).  But how's that for timing?  I told her my story and she thought it was great, so we are both pretty excited about the dress!

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