Friday, March 16, 2012

Young Cher - Fashion hottie

It's a little bit unfortunate that Cher of the present day has become a little bit of a parody of herself.  She's the butt of jokes now, which makes it hard to remember how amazing she used to be.  In the Sonny and Cher days she had that awesome sexy hippie doe-eyed thing down pat!  And that hair is to die for.  My co-worker said that when she was a teenager in Saigon in the 1970's all the girls wanted to look like Cher and grew their hair long and parted it in the middle and rode around on their motorbikes with their hair flying!

I even love her Bob-Mackie-at-the-Oscars phase, with the excessive glam and ensembles that left nothing to the imagination.  It wasn't until after the movie Mermaids that things started to get a little weird.  Maybe it was just one facelift to far and one farewell too many, but let's just focus on the good old days.  Keep these pictures in mind next time some lame comedian does a Cher bit!