Sunday, March 25, 2012

Say No To Flatforms

I'm usually a mindless sucker for every new trend that comes along, so I gave this one a chance before speaking out against it.  I though that maybe, somehow, the flatform would grow on me, and that with time it would start looking less hideous, and then one day I'd wake up one day craving them.  Now, I'm not promising that this won't still happen, but it has been at least a year, and I'm still pretty opposed.

I just don't see the appeal.  Clunky, dumpy, and totally unflattering; if they really are flat, they are just plain ugly.  The ones with a little bit of a rise in the heel are OK, but then they aren't really FLATforms, are they.  Can't we all just admit that it's one more silly novelty that designers came up with to sell something new and that we should just ignore the whole trend for once?

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