Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Good Weekend

Working on that work/life balance these days.  Work is stressful and busy, but I had a wonderful weekend in Parksville staying with a houseful of friends.  We did a bunch of outdoor excursions to celebrate the fact that there was actually sunshine: a walk at Cathedral Grove amongst the huge trees, a walk on the beach, a walk at Little Qualicum Falls, and lunch on the patio at Coombs, being watched by the famous goats on the roof.  But what was really most wonderful was just sitting in the sun, sipping tea, playing with my some wonderful little kids and gossiping with my best friends.  

I wish that we could have stayed for a week, but we have to have something to look forward to when we retire I guess...  Now I'm just trying to think happy thoughts and not get too bogged down by my heavy work load.  I've still got a friend's wedding to look forward to later in the summer, and hopeful a long weekend visit to my parents at some point.  If only the sun would come out on a more regular basis, I'm sure I'd find that extra bit of energy that I need!

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