Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mister Mort

By my advanced age, having a new thought is an exciting thing.  My latest internet obsession sparked a new thought the other day: I've been browsing hundreds of images on a menswear street-style blog called Mister Mort, and I was so excited by the stuff I was seeing that I was actually jealous of guys' style options!  That's a first!

The blog celebrates real style, not just off duty models and gorgeous hipsters in designer gear.  He's got an eye for great vintage and Americana work-wear, and he often shoots tradesmen, old dudes, and the homeless-esque: anyone can have cool gear.  Looking at all these pictures inspired me to force Karl to try on a bunch of stuff at the thrift store; some of it he liked, but very little of it fit.  Usual story: too small, too short for him.  But he was a good sport.

There is always a focus on shoes, which has made me pretty critical of the footwear situation on men here in Vancouver.  It was something that my boss always complained about, and I didn't really understand.  Now I do.  Yuck, all of these dumpy, boring cheap black "dress shoes"; looks like they were purchased as a last resort.  Men should have a little more fun, celebrate getting dressed!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


The sun is streaming through the windows this evening (revealing how desperately they need to be washed) and the forecast is for a few more sunny days this week, which is great news.  I think I saw one brave little pea shoot poking up in the vegetable garden this afternoon, but I'm really itching to get more seeds in the ground.

It's such a lovely time to walk around our neighbourhood.  Gardens are bursting with tulips, magnolia trees are erupting in pink and white, and the lilac trees are covered in buds - it won't be long now until that wonderful smell perfumes the air.  Looking at all these paintings of flowers makes me with that I had  more roses, but our yard is already packed pretty tight.  We have lots of shrubby roses and some little pink roses, but none of those big, bold, fragrant ones.  That's the upside when something dies; we get to replace it!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring: Meadow Sweet

The long, unplanned hiatus was due to some glitch with the blog, not my lack of inspiration.  It's actually a pretty beautiful season, and everything is starting to look good to me.  Flowers, dresses, cute shoes; finally the winter is behind us.  Okay, it kind of snowed a few days ago, but it was quickly forgotten.  

I love this editorial from Harper's Bazaar UK, featuring Sophie Hirschfelder.  It was done as part of a collaborations with the V&A Museum, but I haven't been able to find details anywhere about the sources of the illustrations.

In other news, I had a fantastic long Easter weekend with my parents, though it seems long ago, the garden has it's first few seeds, I went bowling, hung out with babies, got a massage, bought a few things at the thrift store, great some great books, and have generally been getting excited about the return of the sun!