Sunday, October 18, 2009

New habits

So I'm trying to be really good about going to the gym, after a long summer of not being very good. I blame my crazy schedule in the summer, but I know that's a lame excuse. The unintended side effect is that I change out of my cute outfits at the gym and come home in sweaty sweats, and unfortunately I'm not one of those vigilant bloggers who recreate outfits that they didn't get a chance to photograph. I could try to make time in the morning, I guess.

Anyhow, I got a little dressed up for homemade pizza goodness at Krista's house tonight and remembered to take a picture when I got home. Newly thrifted dress - the African-esque print attracted me because of some of the prints in Dries van Noten's spring line. The boots are Roots, thrifted, and satisfied my need for comfortable ankle boots and my desire not to spend much money.


  1. Adorable dress!!!

    Lovely blog! I will start to follow you!

  2. Is this your morning face? Good for you for going to the gym regularly. Since I finished my training sessions I haven't been at all. I've been sick, right? yeah.