Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two Unrelated Things

I saw this cute skirt at Club Monaco today and thought that it might fill the empty space in my heart that can only be filled by polka dots. I didn't even try it on - it's over a hundred dollars, stinky Club Monaco losers. But now looking at it, and looking at the Luella pictures I'm glad. I think I need to hold out for a bigger dot. If I was clever, I'd go buy some fabric and just sew my own damn skirt. Maybe I will...


Have you heard about this??? Doesn't it make Where the Wild Things Are look like something someone just pooped out? I can't wait. I feel lightheaded just watching the preview.


  1. Yes, and YES! I like bigger polka dots, and seeing you write $100 like that makes it seem like SOOO much money. I guess it is a lot of money. For a skirt. Jeez.

    That movie looks amazing! I love how he devoured his food, and the random scrap with the badger. It just injects this feeling into it that I can't really describe. I mean, it makes sense; how would he eat it? With a knife and fork? awesome.