Thursday, October 15, 2009


We had an amazing weekend on Quadra, and I was going to post some pictures, but looking through them I realized that they were all food related. Turkey dinner, tapas dinner, pressing apple juice, drying chili peppers. We're all a little obsessed. But it was wonderful, and the weather was nice so we did some walks and a hike and picked mushrooms.
Whenever we go up there, or actually any time I travel, I try to take just the bare minimum when it come to toiletries. Especially when we went to Europe, and every precious ounce mattered. My favorite trick is to pack anything creamy or gel-y in old lip balm pots. Just wash them out when you finish the balm ( I guess you could buy new ones at a beauty supply place), and squirt in your moisturizer, face wash, sunscreen, foundation or whatever. Depending on how much you need, it's any where from enough for a couple of days, to enough for weeks. And the lid screws on tight so it won't leak or explode, and it's well under the volume you're allowed for airplanes. Just put a little label on the lid so you don't try to wash your face with sunscreen.

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