Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunshine in October

Sometimes the weather is totally agreeable. This weekend was crappy and rainy - perfect for baking bread and making soup.

Today was cold and clear, perfect for wearing my new coat. I love it so much, but it's kind of boiling hot.

I heard an interview with Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) on the radio the other day, and I'm still trying to decide if I agree or disagree with something he said. When asked who he thought had great style and why, he replied that it's often "young people" because they have yet to settle on their personal style and are therefore more adventurous and willing to try different stuff. He kind of said that once you've defined your own style, which there seems to be so much emphasis on these days, you almost get into a rut, with too many "always" and "never" rules. I kind of agree, but I think he's skipping over people who aren't necessarily young, and who do have there own defined style, which just happens to be adventurous and willing to try different stuff. I just felt like I didn't fit into his two categories. I'm not young and playing with my identity (goth one day, preppy the next), but I don't think I've got this specific, rigid look.

Any opinions? Does having a personal look mean limiting yourself to a narrow view of fashion? Did you leave your experimentations in your youth?


  1. I think you should email Scott and tell him he's out to lunch. Some of the most style-adventurous people pictured on his site are 30s-70s. Or maybe the always/never habits don't form in people who work in the fashion industry (many of those pictured). In which case, you're part of the exceptional group?

  2. I agree with our good friend ah re: ppl in the fashion industry being the exception. I think most people settle into a style as they get older because of how it fits their lifestyle, and of course personal taste. I think for people to stay adventurous as they get older they are either working in the fashion industry, or just totally fashion obsessed. But then again, the fashion obsessed should be working in fashion.

  3. I tend to disagree with him because the people I usually see with the best style are like 85 or older. Anyway, I actually commented to say I love the outfit you have on in this post, really great colour choices.