Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to Work

Today was my first day back at work, and it was embarrassingly hard not to have snack breaks and naps every couple of hours. How quickly one gets used to sloth.

I got these pleated mid-night blue velvet pants yesterday - at $5.99 how could I not? My first thought was that I might make them more tapered, but I'm kind of liking the excessive excessiveness of them. More of a statement, you know, and less of an attempt to be part of a trend. But they would look cool narrower... What do you think?

I was feeling very bloated and crampy today and the pants were like a wonderful soft tent for my belly to hide in.

A bride gave me these earrings as a little thank you, and at first I was like, ummm? But they've grown on me. I think they're vintage beads. So very unlike anything I'd pick for myself, but maybe we need other people to give us a nudge every once and a while.


  1. I like them! I'm really diggin' that colour, lately, and it looks great with the yellow. I also love the earrings. I love getting gifts from people in styles that I wouldn't necessarily pick for myself. Although, I think those earrings are my style. It's definitley good to get a nudge. :)

  2. Um, you wanna know what I think...? I think you look HOT. ;)