Monday, January 18, 2010

Blue Monday

Have you heard about this Blue Monday thing? Apparently the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year. A combination of bad weather, Christmas bills, resolution back sliding and general shittiness. At least we get the worst day over with early in the year. However, I had one of the least depressing days in a while! I don't work Mondays, I'm not feeling too sick anymore, I made it through an intense workout, and it was SUNNY-ish. I puttered around the garden, planting a few wildflower seeds, and was over-joyed to see that life is coming back. Everything looks dead and brown, but there are little buds everywhere: on the lilacs, the hydrangeas, the rhubarb, daffodils poking through the dirt. It was wonderful to see. I just hope we don't get a cold snap - screw the Olympics. Vancouver isn't a winter city. We could host the fall or spring Olympics...

Then I did a bunch of chores and cleaning with no procrastination. I put on a CD - remember those shiny round things people hang in fruit tree to scare off birds? They play music! Specifically OutKast. There was a reason we all loved Hey Ya. It's a rad song. Just try not to shake your butt: I challenge you.

So I sort of wish this was my most depressing day of the year, so it will only get better, but that's pretty unlikely. Third Monday or not, I'll take a good day whenever it comes. How about you, did you have a blue Monday?


  1. My Monday was not blue at all! Of course, the beginning of the day was my commute to work - 1 hour on public transit in the blowing wind and rain - so not so much blue, just nasty. But the sun came out shortly after that and it was still light when I left work, so I was in a fabulous mood! Plus, I didn't pay for my Christmas gifts with credit cards so I didn't have that added stress, AND my body is still sore from working out, so I'm not crapping out on any resolutions either. No complaints!

  2. My Monday was also super productive and not the least bit blue!

    PS: Am I supposed to plant wildflower seeds now?