Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Footwear Zodiac

Well, what do yo think, shall we declare 2010 the Year of the Clog?

I remember getting a pair of clogs in grade nine ('93-'94?) from Bootlegger, Pelican Cove brand. They were tan suede with black soles, and despite being pretty uncomfortable, I wore them with baggy overalls, a striped rib-knit top and a beaded choker, or in the summer with jean shorts that I opened up on the sides and sewed in panels of plaid fabric. Ahh, the embarrassing old days.

Got the above ones this week at Value Village for a proverbial song. They're Brown's Couture, and make me dream of the summer.

These are more your utilitarian work clogs. I'm not sure yet what I'll like them with, but I look forward to trying a few things out. Dresses, jeans, leggings...? I think they're equally ugly/great with anything.

Oh, and how I with these were mine. They're Miu Miu, so evidently they're not. See Fashion Toast for the perfection.

P.S. Is it just me, or do clogs make people's feet look big? Because if my feel look big...


  1. Bootlegger, that brings me back! I was all about the clogs, I'm excited to be able to get a new pair when they hit the stores.

  2. Love those clogs. I saw some other cloggy stuff today on another blog