Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lazy Post

How did I get a cold? I know weather doesn't really make you sick, but I feel like it's more than a coincidence that I got a cold following a week of the crappiest rain even. The kind of rain that feels like there aren't even spaces between the drops. Just wet. And, now, despite my vigilance, I feel like poop. Hopefully this is the last day of it.

I keep fantasizing about spring. So shall I give up my longing for a perfect pair of black platform wedge booties? I should. I tried these ones on at Aldo and they just aren't right. They're OK except for the stupid inner tube around the top. It ruins the whole shoe. They don't need padding - they're not moon boots... Weak Aldo.
And I'm not reckless enough to go hunting down Acme or Velvet Angels or Jeffrey Campbell ones. I'm not going to scrap over sold-out boots that cost a mint.

1 comment:

  1. ive been in turmoil about those darn boots, and the jeff campbell ones. they are so not me, but so cool.... blerg. i think i'll be holding off as well :(