Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Today after work I was walking home in the dark, just about 5:30. It was windy and cold, the rain was threatening to turn to snow. I was thinking about the summer, and what that walk is like in August. Isn't it hard to convince yourself of a truth you can't feel, that you are experiencing the opposite of? It is so amazing to think of hot air, bright sun, wearing as little as possible and still being sweaty. Hurrying down that last stretch of alleyway, not because of icy hands and rain in my face, but due to the sun causing me to squint and the anticipation of a glass of ice water. Does that honestly exist? Of course rationally I know it does, but it's so hard to hold that thought in my head in December and really imagine that it could be true.

These are just a couple of pretty pictures to remind me that it is true.

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