Monday, December 6, 2010

to do lists

This was an uncommonly productive weekend for me. I did almost all of my Christmas shopping and wrapping, did a major cleaning of the bathroom, and a re-organization under the bathroom sink, including the purchase of storage drawers. By the way, can anyone explain the advantage of glass shower doors instead of a shower curtain? I guess I can see some pros, but the major con is cleaning! All those little metal nooks and crannies accumulate grime and scum and it sucks to try to get in there and scrub, which is why it happens about once a year in our house.

And I made a wreath. I'm still not sure that we'll have a Christmas tree, since we'll be on Quadra for Christmas, but I do like getting one, if just for the smell. A wreath is totally necessary though. Making the wreath has long been one of my favorite holiday tasks, starting when I lived at home and would help my mom. Then we always had all the greenery we needed - cedar, pine, fir, holly, different berries... Our property here has nothing evergreen, and I didn't want to buy anything, so just like last year I used bamboo as the foundation. I greened it up with some euphorbia and vines and went heavy on the hops buds. I snagged some red berries from a street tree down the block for a little shot of colour.


  1. i like the wreath - it's festive but unconventional. i always have trouble deciding about how much decorating to do too, as we also go to quadra for christmas.

    it was great to hear from you - and to see you working in fashion as i always imagined you would! actually i was thinking of you the other day as someone was talking about seeing a dress made of ties and i had to mention the skirt you made in highschool. anyway, hope you're doing well - maybe we'll run into each other one of these days while visiting quadra.