Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SS 2011

I filed these pictures away months ago, then promptly forgot to post them. Oh well, we've still got quite some time before Spring 2011 actually rolls around. What I actually liked about this Proenza Schouler collection was that it seemed relevant for the winter.

I love the shape of this coat and I can imagine coming across a reasonable facsimile at the thrift store. The fabric is beautiful too, and I like the idea that it's almost a suit when it's paired with the skirt. The concept of a suit is so vague now; do fashion women really wear "suits"? The options out there seem so limited. The suits that are offered are mostly very fitted jackets with either boot-cut trousers or a pencil skirt, available in black or grey, at pretty much any price point. And that's well and good, and appropriate for lots of women, but there's not much style going on. Anyway...

Loving these blouses! I wish I could find the fabric of the one below, it's so perfect. The pants are also a nice shape, that kind of mannish tailoring. My issue with this look though is that I feel like I can't do shapeless pieces on the top and bottom. Nice on a model, but isn't everything? On me it just feels a little droopy. I need boobs or a waist or hips - some emphasis or it's just not flattering. That's my consideration every day: will I go tight or baggy, top or bottom?

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