Sunday, January 2, 2011


That was kind of an extended holiday from my computer! I've had a nice long rest and indulged my indulgent side with plenty of delicious food and long afternoons of reading and napping. This is the time of year that I can actually take a break from work and it's been so great, even though I will be back on Tuesday. We had a wonderful visit with my parents which is the highlight of the year, and yesterday Karl made a traditional Danish smorgasbord for us and we invited friends and family and we're all crossing our fingers that it's a new New Years Day tradition.

Speaking of New Years, I'm not sure about resolutions yet. It often takes me a few days to think of some. As usual, less TV and shopping, more cleaning, outdoor activities, reading, writing, art: the usual. I'd love to paint the kitchen. How about you - any resolutions?

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